1. Aims and scope

“The Japanese Journal of Phlebology,” an open access journal in Japanese, is published by the Japanese Society of Phlebology. Online articles, published round the clock, can be viewed by anyone as soon as they are published. The academic papers that contribute to the advancement of phlebology are mainly published in Japanese, and we are looking for papers on varicose veins, venous thrombosis, venous insufficiency, rare venous diseases, lymphatic diseases, examination and treatment methods for venous or lymphatic diseases, and so forth. In particular, we welcome papers on basic / experimental / applied / clinical research.

The readership assumed by “The Japanese Journal of Phlebology” is not limited to members of the Japanese Society of Phlebology but also extends to domestic and foreign researchers and medical professionals in related fields. This journal strives to be an indispensable part of international communication in venous science as a platform on which to present excellent research.

2. Open access policy

The Japanese Journal of Phlebology is fully Open Access and uses a Creative Commons (CC) license that allows users to conditionally use and reuse the material published in the journal without charge or the need to ask for prior permission from the publisher or author. The details of the CC license are shown below.

Copyright and licensing
Authors are required to assign all copyrights in the work to the Japanese Society of Phlebology. In addition, this journal publishes papers under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution-NonCommercial-Unalterable) 4.0 International License*. This license allows you to share unaltered articles for non-commercial purposes only as long as you display the appropriate credits. Authors should check for themselves before posting as the institution may require that the research be funded under a specific Creative Commons license. * https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/deed.ja

3. Journal information

Journal Title: The Japanese Journal of Phlebology
Published by: Japanese Society of Phlebology, https://js-phlebology.jp/wpenglish/
Online ISSN : 2186-5523, Print ISSN: 0915-7395, ISSN-L : 0915-7395
Frequency of Publication: Issued at any time
The inaugural issue published in February 1990
Electronic Links: J-STAGE, https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/phlebol/-char/en
Editorial Office: 
332-6, Yamabuki-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801 
Publishing Center, International Academic Publishing Co., Ltd.
TEL: +813-6824-9363, FAX: +813-5206-5332, Email: jsp-edit@bunken.co.jp

4. Editorial board

Editor-in Chief
Hirono Satokawa     Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Fukushima Medical  University, School of Medicine


Nobuyoshi Azuma Department of Surgery, Asahikawa Medical University
Yoshinori InoueAmbulatory Vascular Surgical Clinic Tokyo
Jun KoizumiDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology, Chiba University Hospital
Nozomu ShirasugiVaricose Vein Center and Department of Vascular Surgery, Yokohama Asahi Chuo General Hospital
Yutaka HosoiDepartment of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kyorin University Faculty of Medicine
Takumi YasugiDepartment of Cardiovascular Surgery, Ehime University
Takashi YamakiDepartment of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tokyo
Women’s Medical University Adachi Medical Center
Norikazu YamadaKuwana City Medical Center